Bill Gates says it “blows the mind” that the US is trying to silence top scientists

Bill Gates has lashed out at the Trump administration for trying to undermine infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci and other government scientists.

“We’re engaged in something where we’re attacking the government’s top scientists, not speaking out about how to save lives, but instead undermining the credibility of the person who’s the most knowledgeable,” the Microsoft founder and philanthropist said Tuesday during a Politico Playbook virtual discussion.

“Expertise matters, and the CDC is largely not allowed to speak out. And so, fortunately, Dr. Fauci has risen above the noise level in talking about masks and best practices. And so the fact that they’re trying to undermine him, for some reason … That just blows the mind,” he said.

Gates said, “the US still has time to do a far, far better job,” but first has to admit it isn’t doing a perfect job.

“The access to testing is not uniform in inner city communities versus others, so you know, if you’re willing to admit that you haven’t been doing a perfect job, you could improve this thing very, very quickly,” Gates said.

“Right now, testing, contact tracing — we’re doing among the worst of any country,” he said, calling the slow turnaround time for test results “just insane.” CNN

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